Please read the information presented here to you, so
You can decide whether you want to become a patient

When a person seeks Chiropractic Care and when a Chiropractor accepts a person for such care it is important that they both be seeking the same goal .

Chiropractic has only one goal . It is therefore , important that the person understand that goal and the means that will be used to attain it . In this way there will be no confusion, misunderstanding or disappointment .

People usually want to get rid of whatever ailments or problems that are bothering them . The chiropractor acknowledges and understands this point of view from the person . The person needs to acknowledge and try to understand the view of the chiropractor . CHIROPRACTIC is based on the premise that living things have an inborn intelligence, striving to maintain its own health . This "intelligence" and "the striving of" can be referred to as "the body's natural recuperative powers " The body can heal itself if it gets the information needed from its brain . The brain's goal is to keep the body alive and healthy (functioning normally). A slightly mis-aligned vertebra, (which interferes with a spinal nerve root, can interfer with the transmission of mental impulses over nerves, nerves that carry information to all body parts), can reduce the Body's Natural Recuperative abilities or Its strive to maintain Its own state of health.

Terms of Acceptance

The Chiropractor has one goal - to periodically examine the patient's spine and should Vertebral Subluxation be detected, correct it by means of Chiropractic Care This re-establishes a more normal Nerve Function .
In some cases where symptoms, ailments or disease have been present the removal of Vertebral Subluxation( a form of neural interference) renders the body sufficiently able to bring about a restoration of health very quickly . In others, the process is slower and in some cases it is only partial or not at all . Regardless of what the ailment or disease is called, the chiropractor does not offer to diagnose, heal or treat it, nor does the chiropractor offer advice regarding the treatment of an ailment or disease . The only goal of the chiropractor is to correct VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION, this very damaging form of interference to the body's natural - normal function .
The Chiropractic examination and course of care are not substitutes for other types of health care, just as other types of care do not take the place of Chiropractic Care
The single goal of the Chiropractor is to correct Vertebral Subluxation for the purpose of removing this form of interference from the transmission of brain messages over nerve pathways , so, that every part of the body is better directed and controlled from its own brain . The human body has a Brain and the human brain has a Body . The two need to be in good communication with each other so the human being can experience life and be healthy in that life . Chiropractic is not meant to be a panacea for ailments or treatment of any disease . The chiropractor promises no cure from, and offers no treatment of disease .

Terms of Acceptance