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A Vertebral Subluxation is a serious spinal condition that interferes with the Nervous System, the Vertebral Column and the General Health of the human body . It is a condition that chiropractors spend years in chiropractic college learning how to locate, analyze and correct . In order to for a vertebra to be subluxated it has to have four qualities

  • The Vertebra Is Out Of Proper Alignment with the skull, the spinal column and/or pelvis.

  • There Is A Narrowing Of A Canal through which the nerve lies.

  • There Is Impingement Of Nerve Tissues as a result of canal narrowing--- this may occur in the spinal canal, causing the irritation or disturbance to the spinal cord which contains millions of nerves fibers or it may occur between the vertebrae causing the irritation to the spinal nerves that exit the spinal cord and travel to body tissues.

  • There Is Interference With Nerve Messages Between the Brain and the Body . Nerve messages are what regulate your bodily functions; muscles movement to walk, breathing, the process of eating and digesting food, the running of your hormones and glands, keeping your body’s temperature at a normal level and etc.----- If mine, yours or someone’s nerves are irritated or disrupted, the brain has less ability to communicate with and less ability to regulate the body and its functions.

The criteria that you have read above make up a VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION however the four criterion may be present separately causing some other ill-health condition . For example, nerve messages may be interfered with by drugs . The common drug aspirin interfers with nerves so that pain messages cannot get through to the conscious brain . As you well know all drugs work by affecting the nervous system . They may stimulate or inhibit nerve function so as to alter bodily function . All drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, prescription medication and even coffee affect the chemicals in the brain to interfer with brain function . Other ways to interfer with nerves is by trauma like cuts burns, frostbite, blows .
Nerves may be impinged by broken bones, arthritis or tumors . Nerves are also damaged and their transmission ability diminished in neurological diseases such as muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, polio and cerebral palsy .


There can be narrowing of the nerve canal without danger, every time you turn, twist, bend and stoop your body . You are slightly occluding vertebral openings in your spinal column, but very fortunately Nature permit’s a certain amount of safe leeway .
Misalignments can occur without nerve damage, as often occurs in scoliosis . A person with scoliosis may and most likely does have subluxations in many parts of the spinal column but may be surprisingly subluxation-free in some areas of the curvature .
But the most widespread and common cause of nerve irritation and interference is the VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.


VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION are so common they can be considered an epidemic: a silent epidemic of vast proportion . Nearly everyone is affected by them and few do anything about it

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