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Vertebral Subluxation

Sometimes it is said that those who suffer from neck, upper back, lowback and/or hips are the lucky ones .Lucky in terms of being aware of irritation to spinal nerves . The bad luck comes when they do not know where to go to have the problem corrected . Chiropractic was developed to locate, analyze and correct nerve interference, so brain and body work together to perform normal function within itself . While a person may get their spine checked for pinched nerves in the areas where they feel discomfort( e.g. pain ). The chiropractor is checking the entire spinal column and pelvis(even the areas that do not hurt) for nerve pressure . Sometimes it is the subluxation that you cannot feel that are the most damaging . Many times the area in discomfort is not where the vertebral subluxation is . The area of discomfort could just be the area reacting to the nerve pressure.
Chiropractic is very concern with the many people who never pay attention to their spines . In fact most people take better care of their belongings than their spines . Periodic spinal examination to correct Vertebral Subluxation should be part of ones health routine . Removal of Vertebral Subluxation today could save ones and ones’ family from health problems later in life .
The diagrams below depict a Vertebral Subluxation.

This condition occurs when a bony segment of the human spine becomes Mis-aligned in relationship to the vertebra above or below it . Notice how the third segment from the top has shifted slightly to the right, as you look at the picture . If the movement is sufficient, it will close off the opening through which spinal nerves exit from the spinal cord . These Nerves Carry Life Energy, The Power That Runs The Body, From Brain To Each And Every Cell In The Entire Human Body . Vertebral Subluxation impinge upon the vital nerve supply and interfer with the transmission of life messages from brain cells to tissue cells . Depending upon which Vertebra is Subluxated and which Spinal Nerves are being impinged, The Result Is Malfunction, Disorder and /or Dis-ease to that particular area of the body . VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION can occur for many reasons, but, however it originated, the result is always the same-------Less Than 100% Expression of LIFE occurs in the body, to some organ, to tissue and/or cell which then must function at less than it fullest potential .
Chiropractors call Vertebral Subluxation -- Silent Killers . Quite often there are no symptoms evident when a vertebra is subluxated . The dysfunction and disorder that occurs because of the lack of Life Energy may be so minute at first that the person is quite unaware that there is a subluxation in the spine . It may be weeks, months or maybe years before the choking off of vital life messages has been sufficient to cause symptoms to appear .By the time the first symptoms is evident to the person, the damage to the nerve be extensive . Notice the animation given, the thin flattened middle nerve which has probably had a vertebra pressing upon it for weeks, months or maybe years . This damage can be slight, extensive or permanent . The organs, tissues and/or cells to which that sickly nerve is supposed to supply necessary, essential life energy may never be capable of functioning at 100% again . This entire process may occur long before the person has the slightest idea that there is anything wrong with him/her .
From a chiropractic standpoint the greatest single cause of sickness, disease and death in the world today is not bacteria or virus . It is not cancer or heart disease.

A factor that can be demonstrated in many sick and many malfunctioning human bodies is Vertebral Subluxation It is absolutely impossible to expect to lead a normal healthy life when there can be Vertebral Subluxation within ones own spine . It is also impossible to expect children to experience a lifetime of health when their spines could have acquired vertebral subluxation . A principle of Chiropractic, is, that one single act that a human being can do to his/her fellow human being, is to enable him/her to REGAIN and MAINTAIN his/her health by way of locating, analyzing and correcting Vertebral Subluxation .
Chiropractors do not pretend that disease makes one sick, they realize that a Vertebral Subluxation makes one sick and disease is a result of that Vertebral Subluxation . By skilfully and painlessly introducing a gentle force into the spine, the chiropractor is able to correct Vertebral Subluxation, thus opening the channels between the Brain Cells and the Tissues Cells allowing a free flow of vital life energy to all parts of the body, therefore restoring the body to a state of co-ordination and order known as HEALTH . This releases the INNATE power within the body so that the Wisdom that daily creates tissue is free to express itself and carry on the process of repair and healing . Chiropractors correct Vertebral Subluxation, thus removing nerve interference so healing and health can take place .

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