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Many people seek Chiropractic Care after they have been through the medical pathway of medication, tablets, ointments, injection and even surgery . Some people come to visit a chiropractor after the therapy they have been doing is not helping to rid the ailment . A few people have had Chiropractic Care to solve the complaint that the surgery did not .
People are discovering that medication, therapy and surgery to cure a health problem is no real cure. Medicine almost always treats symptoms and don't correct the cause of the ailment .



Why are you coming to see a chiropractor ? Is it for relief from a back ailment - neck pain, upper back stiffness, lowback ache or hip discomfort . Or is it from pins and needles in the fingers or numbness in the toes . Or could it be a tingling sensation in the arm or leg . Does the head feel to heavy to carry . Are you coming to the chiropractic office for relief from some illness such as migraines, high or low blood pressure, skin condition, menstrual cramps, arthritis, asthma, sinus troubles, stomach aches, fatigue, breathing problems or digestive disturbances . NO MATTER WHAT YOUR HEALTH PROBLEM IS, CHIROPRACTIC CARE WILL HELP TURN ON YOUR INNER DOCTOR . Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal problems can produce an impinged nerve affecting some part of the body .
Certainly all your life you may have gotten your eyes checked, hearing checked, your teeth checked, your blood pressure and heart checked . . . . . . Shouldn't you get your spine checked ? Imagine if you didn't go to the dentist or eye doctor for twenty/thirty years ---- what would your teeth or eyes be like ? How many years has it been since you have had your spinal column checked ? Unfortunately most people have never had this done . Their spines are in jeopardy of a lifetime of neglect . The sad truth is by the time a person come to see a chiropractor for care, the muscles, ligaments, nerves, internal organs and spinal vertebrae themselves have suffered through years, even decades of Dis-ease. The body tissues requires time to heal properly .


The Chiropractor's Goal


The chiropractor's goal is to make your spinal column healthy again - relieving the stresses from your nerves, muscles, ligaments, joints, bones and internal organs . The effects can be immediate or they can take more time . It depends on many factors, e.g. genetic makeup, lifestyle, past trauma, duties of employment, etc. The chiropractor will discuss this with the patient . The chiropractor's intention is to help the patient restore his/her health in as short a period of time as possible .


How Do We Do This


Chiropractic Care involves an examination of the spinal column and pelvis . This done in different ways depending upon the examination techniques of the chiropractor . He or she may use x-rays, mri, muscle testing, body balancing, palpation of the spine for muscle, bone, ligament or movement irregularities . He or she may use instruments that detect heat or energy or other means to determine the health of the spine . An unhealthy spine and/or pelvis is characterized by muscle stress (e.g. spasm, cramps), nerve pressure (e.g. numbness, pins + needles), bone deterioration (e.g. osteoarthritis, lipping and spurring), disc degeneration (e.g. slipped disc, prolapsed disc), vertebral mis-alignment .

Why Are Spines Unhealthy ?


What makes them unhealthy ?


Because we don't get them checked periodically does not really tell us what causes spinal problems. The Causes are many and many are combined with others .
e. g. forceps applied to a newborn's head and neck during delivery
e. g. whiplash to a baby by throwing him/her up in the air
e. g. as a child falling down - off a bicycle, out of a tree.
e. g. as a teenager getting hurt from fights, sports, joking around, a new activity, etc.
e. g. as an adult being involved in a car accident or mugging or injury at place of work
e. g. as an individual ones posture, stresses in ones life, the way your job is done
e. g. any combination of these and others can put damage upon the spinal column, pelvis and nervous system.
Chiropractors want to fight the slow onset of ailments of the person with chiropractic care .




Intensive Care phase

Intensive Care

This phases begins the day you decide to see a chiropractor . The person has to decide whether he/ she willing to take part in their own welfare . The chiropractor has a big task of helping the patient rid their health problem and restore and (most important) maintain good health . The chiropractor cannot do it by him/herself, the person/patient is a big factor in the situation they are facing . The chiropractor is looking at solving the problem the person came in for .Chiropractic visits will be frequent at this phase of care . Following the instructions and advice the chiropractor gives the person/patient a more speedy recovery .

Reconstruction Phase


Reconstructive Phase

When a person/patient reaches this level of care the person/patient will be visiting the chiropractic office less . This phase puts time between visits and the person/patient is gradually and steadily becoming more active in his/her lifestyle . The chiropractor wants to start turning visits from repairing the spine column and/or pelvis to strengthening and make it flexible as it was design to be . The person/patient needs to start the responsibility/duty of looking after their own back and hips (spinal column and pelvis). Following the instructions and advice the chiropractor gives at this level gives the person/patient a more speedy recovery .

Maintenance Phase

Recovery Phase

When a patient has arrived to this phase the spinal column is now holding its adjustments . The spinal column and/or pelvis are reasonably stable and becoming stronger and flexible . They are handling stress well, exercise, sports and work should not be problematic to the person . Maintenance care is just what it means ! Chiropractic is not manipulation, Chiropractic philosophy states that the body, brain, and nervous system can maintain the health of the individual . Periodic visits are needed for maintenance care . Chiropractic check-ups are needed to keep Vertebral Subluxation out of the life of a person . Chiropractic maintains that Vertebral Subluxation will affect your health by impairing the nervous system . Visits to the chiropractic office become important to the patient and chiropractor . At this level, the patient visits could be days, weeks or months apart . The time the chiropractor has to wait for the next check-up can be a long time (assuming trauma has not entered the body recently). Periodic check-ups are to ensure the spine and pelvis are " In Line " and the nervous system is on " On Line " and Vertebral Subluxation is not causing mal-function to body parts .This is where Chiropractic can be seen in a better light . Allowing a chiropractor to periodically check your spine and pelvis when you are not in trouble helps keep the person out of complaints and into an active life .Maintenance to the spinal column and pelvis gives the nervous system the ability to regulate all body parts and its functions .

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